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Posted on August 21, 2013 in Build Your Brand by Katie Oskin

Etsy Business Tools: The Most Helpful by KatersAcres

In case you missed last week’s post on my essential business tools, you can view that post here. This week’s post is a continuation of that post.  I have broken down my business tools into three categories: the essentials, the helpful, and the bonus features. For those of you who are looking to purchase any of these items, you can get them from Amazon and have them shipped anywhere in the world … double bonus!

Parker Invests in Apple’s New iPad Mini

Parker's iPad Mini on KatersAcres Polymer Clay BlogOkay … so why am I telling you to buy some expensive tablet? Because I’m about to tell you how this ONE device in less than 1 month has revolutionized by business, saved me time, stress, & headaches too.  I never realized all the power that can be harnessed from such small technology!

The following story is told from Parker’s point-of-view:

Parker purchased his very own iPad on July 20th, just over 1 month ago. Parker was very excited about his purchase, but at the same time, he was very skeptical. He wasn’t sure that he would get as much use out of it as he thought. He was worried that he would take all this savings, purchase something expensive, and not get the use out of it. Parker could not have been more wrong!

In fact, Parker often has time stepping away from the computer.  His “to-do list” seems endless some days and it’s very hard for him to walk away. What Parker didn’t realize was that by using this iPad mini and harnessing a way to use it efficiently, he would buy himself an additional almost 15 hours a week stepping away from his computer.

Enough about Parker, here’s what you really need to know … how I’ve put this iPad Mini to work!

Why I Chose the iPad Mini with WiFi Only:

Why I Chose an iPad Mini by KatersAcresI chose the iPad mini for several reasons. The first is that portability is important to me. While the standard iPad has many more features and offers more ease of use, this is not what I was after. As you can read in last week’s post, I have a 13″ MacBook Pro, I didn’t need a 10″ iPad. The bottom line to me was I wanted something smaller that I could throw in my purse and always have with me.

How much I wanted to spend over time was a hefty portion of my decision. I have hesitated on an iPad in the past because I didn’t want another monthly bill … I’m already paying a cell phone bill.  So, I did some careful examination of where I would be using my iPad: at work, home, in my studio, and on vacations. What one thing did I know for sure about 80% of all those places? They all have WiFi internet. It became apparent to me pretty quickly that I did not need a model with a cellular data package! After all, if I had to do something online, I do have an iPhone! So I saved myself about $150 and got a 32GB, WiFi only model. You can purchase the same exact iPad mini I have here.

Apps You Do Not Want to Miss:

Part of learning to use your iPad is discovering what apps you will use that you use and that will be able to help your business grow.  Here’s the several that I can’t live without – all links will take you directly to the App Store.

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And Now the Disclaimer:

I can hear the snickering now. You’re going to think that I benefit in some way by selling Apple products, right? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  In fact, I don’t earn or see ANY money when you buy from Apple (ie: I’m not an affiliate as of this post). But here’s the thing … I’m ONLY going to recommend something to you that I use, love, and trust.  You will never see a post on my blog promoting something that I don’t love. Why? Because I’m not trying to sell you anything … I’m trying to help you manage your business in the best and most user friendly way possible!

Thanks for joining me today. Join me next week to Build Your Brand on Etsy & experience success.


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