Making Coordinating Color Palette Demonstration

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Making a Coordinating Color Palette

Color can be such a daunting task for so many, but it really doesn’t have to be. With just a few simple hints, tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve taken all the guesswork out of making a coordinating color palette for your project.

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Making Antiqued Tins

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There’s just something about a little antiqued tins that makes my heart sing! I’m not sure if it’s the way the metal is all sorts of shades of light and dark in some places and not in others, or what. But here’s what I do know … I’m absolutely in love with the look! So before you try to make these adorable little tins for this month’s project, you’ll want to be sure that you do a thorough job of antiquing your tins.

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Crystal Katana vs. Pick-Up Pencil

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You know that I want you to spend money where it counts and save money when you can. I want you to buy the best, high quality tools that you can afford that will enhance your work and last a lifetime. But sometimes the best tools don’t always come with the highest price tag. For July, here’s my review of the Crystal Katana vs. the White Pick-Up Pencil and which you need to have in your tool arsenal.

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CF Rainbow Tree 2019 Ornament Donations

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The CF Rainbow Tree is back! Once again this year we’re onto another donation adventure and I’m in need of polymer clay Christmas ornament donations. Are you willing to help? I’m calling on you; That’s right you. I’m calling on all clayers worldwide! I need your help decorating a Christmas tree for Cystic Fibrosis patients again this year. And this year we’re doing more, growing bigger, and are in need of many more ornaments! Are you willing to help me? Please see the information below for details on making your clay Christmas ornament donation.

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2019 Polyform Products Lineup

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The 2019 Polyform Products Lineup is pretty impressive this year. With a host of new products hitting the shelves and many already available at your local retailer, these tools will hit it big for a wide variety of disciplines in polymer clay. It’s no secret that Premo! is my favorite brand of polymer clay and one I readily rely on for all my projects. It’s relatively easy to condition compared to other clay brands, it has a versatile and wide color palette, and because of its true pigment properties the colors you think you will end up with when you create color blends & custom colors you actually get.

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Polymer Clay Lessons

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What if you could take polymer clay lessons from the comfort of your own home? And what if those polymer clay lessons were tailored to you and your needs? Wouldn’t it be even better if those lessons were one-on-one just you and the instructor! Well, now is your opportunity. Many people can afford the cost of a basic workshop, but when it comes to the cost of travel and lodging, that’s where the real challenge arises. Let’s bring the workshop, class, and instruction virtually, right into your home.

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Product Review: Original Sculpey

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Original Sculpey gets some really bad press and sometimes for good reason. It’s a very brittle and hard to sculpt with clay straight out of the box, but there’s a few tricks that you can use to get this clay into great working order and use it to sculpt with in your studio. So today not only am I sharing a product review, but some tips and tricks on getting the most from your original Sculpey and how to get it working for you so you too can learn to sculpt with it.

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Top Five Mixing Clay Colors

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Top Five Polymer Clay Mixing Colors by KatersAcres

If you are familiar with making your own color recipes or color palettes, then you probably have familiarized yourself with your favorite polymer clay colors to use for mixing clay colors. If you aren’t familiar with the way that I mix colors you can get my clay mixing worksheet here. Without further ado, let me show you what top five mixing clay colors I can’t be without.

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Product Review: Craft Paints Overview

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Craft Paint Shelf in KatersAcres Studio

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I regularly recommend using acrylic craft paints over high end artist acrylic paints. But like any art product, there are both good and bad craft paints. This month’s product review is a bit of a guide to help aide you in what kind of craft paints are better for you to invest in.

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January Product Review – Premium Sculpting Club

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Where do you look when you’re not sure how to sculpt a face? Where should the lines fall? How is a face created? How does age come into play? What about feminine or masculine characteristics? Here’s something that’s sure to help you.

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2019 Polymer Clay Challenge

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2019PCChallenge HEADER Main

The 2019 Polymer Clay Challenge will begin shortly on January 1st, 2019! Last year’s 2018 Polymer Clay Challenge was a success for everyone who tried to complete the entire year. Even more people were able to successfully able to complete all 52 weeks of the challenge! Unfortunately this year, I was not one of them that was able to complete the challenge. I was able to successfully complete 47 of the 52 weeks, which is 7 more than the previous year. So yay for me for completing more weeks than last year.

“Ermatrude” Wall Decor

But … as I encourage EACH of those that participate, do not beat yourself up over this. Remember the goal of this project is that you continue to grow and that by the end of the year you find yourself being more creative, working harder toward your goals and most importantly seeing your work get better and better with each passing year. The purchase of this project is to make sure that each polymer artist is just to keep pushing on and creating. As usual, I will attempt again in 2019 to complete the challenge. And if you didn’t get to complete it, barely got started, or just stumbled upon this post today. Now’s your chance to come and join us!

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Polymer Clay Tips: Productivity in Your Studio

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Polymer Clay Tips from KatersAcres

How to Be Productive in Your Studio

Helping each of you with polymer clay tips is one of those things that I really love!  Why? Because I love helping people. I love helping you succeed and I love helping you on your creative journeys. I hope some of these small tips help you achieve your goals in your studio.  So, without any further ado, let’s get on with it, shall we?

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