Valentine’s Day Carmex Jar Challenge

Posted on January 9, 2015 in 2015 Pavelka Project by Katie Oskin

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Valentine's Day CARMEX Challenge for the Pavelka Project with Lisa Pavelka & Kater's Acres

Design Your Own Carmex Jar Challenge

Enter the FIRST Carmex Jar Challenge

In conjunction with Lisa Pavelka and the 2015 Pavelka Project, this is our first of 4 Carmex Jar challenges throughout the year. The first theme for the challenge is Valentine’s Day. The Carmex Jar shown above is from Lisa Pavelka, read all about this Carmex Jar entitled Who Do You Love? here on her blog.

Where to Get a Tutorial?

Looking for a tutorial on how to cover a Carmex Jar? Lisa offers two different tutorials right here online:

Please remember that this months Challenge requires the use of Valentine’s Day themes. Use these tutorials as guides only.

How to Enter:

  • Purchase a Carmex jar at your local drugstore or grocery.
  • Decorate the top of the jar only, with polymer clay & mixed media elements.
  • Photograph your jar.
  • Send your photos to me via email by January 31, 2015. CLICK HERE to send me your photos.


  • Your jar must contain Valentine’s Day thematic elements.
    • Examples: Hearts, Chocolates, Roses, Cupid, etc.
  • Photographs must be receive by Jan. 31, 2015, 11:59PM EST.
  • Winner will be chosen by Lisa Pavelka.

 The Pavelka Project

The Pavelka Project is done in conjunction with Lisa Pavelka. All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, sign up & join us, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.

Until next time, Happy Claying,

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Beth Petricoin
January 29, 2015

Hi Katie, the Sutton Slice link is not working, it takes me to the faux dichroic tutorial too… thought you’d like to know.

Patricia Litewski
January 28, 2015

Hi Katie:

When I try to use the link mentioned above “CLICK HERE” to send me your photos. It doesn’t link anywhere. Is there another way to e-mail you my photos?

Is there a link to see what other clayers did for the challenge?

Very Respectfully,

January 28, 2015

Hi Patricia,

I’m so sorry it’s not working. I will fix it ASAP. eMail me here:


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