Christi Friesen Week

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Polymer Clay Princess, Christi Friesen

Christi Friesen Week

Polymer Clay Princess, Christi Friesen

There are some very special people in the world who continue to show kindness and generosity wherever they go, Christi Friesen is one of those people! This week, we’re going to celebrate the polymer princess and have some fun together.

Christi Friesen & Katie OskinOnce again it’s time … to celebrate the awesomeness that is Christi. This week we will be celebrating Christi’s newest book launch, Dogs, her new stamps, revisit the Friesen Project of 2013, and I’m going to share a special tutorial using one of Christi’s newest stamps. But that’s not all because this week, on Wednesday, I’m hosting a special worldwide giveaway! 11 lucky winners will be chosen to receive one of Christi’s newest items … be sure to come back & enter to win on Wednesday.


As a special gift to ALL my readers Christi has offered a generous 20% off your entire order coupon!

Coupon code: KATIE



Now everyone say, “thank you Christi” in the comments below for her generosity and all the cool stuff she’s giving away.

See you tomorrow with our first tutorial.


12 thoughts on “Christi Friesen Week

  1. Thank you, Christie and Katie for your generosity and knowledge. Smiles

  2. I didn’t know Christie has a whole week! WOWSA! or as we say in Maine…WICKED!

  3. Thanks to you both for being creative,encouraging and sharing.

  4. Thank you Christie

  5. Thank you, Christi! You too, Katie!!

  6. Thank you, Christi really is awesome

  7. Thank you Christie! I bought the new Dogs book and can’t wait to learn a few new tricks, LOL

  8. Thank you, Christi!! I was just gathering up a bunch of the stuff I made during 2013 to put out a craft show in a couple of weeks. Lots of fun and good memories!

    1. Good luck Sherilyn! 2013 was a great big fun project, wasn’t it?!

  9. Thank you Christi. Thank you Katie.

    1. You’re welcome Lennis!

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