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CONTEST - 3 Months Membership FREE

We all LOVE contests right? I did a bunch of contests last year that went over really well and we all had a lot of fun with them. I haven’t done any yet this year and I promise to be better at doing them. So … here’s our FIRST contest of 2019 and it’s for the coveted FREE club membership too.

How to Win Free Club Membership

Spend $15 or more here on the website & your name will go into a bucket for a drawing. Then, for every 5 people that spend $15 (or more) on the website, I will draw out a name and that person will win 3 months of FREE membership into the Basic Sculpting Club!

  • So if 5 people spend $15, there will be 1 winner chosen.
  • If 10 people spend $15, there will be 2 winners chosen.

***As a bonus, if we hit 5 winners (so 25 people spend $15) then I will give out 2, ONE YEAR memberships on TOP of the prizes above!!! So that means 5, 3 month memberships and 2, 1 year memberships!!!***

Let’s see how many FREE memberships I can give out!

CONTEST ENDS MONDAY March 10th at 11:59pm


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