Cane Making

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Fall Leaves Golden Parker StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Millifiori Canes:

Since my studio is in a state of flux, it has been hard to dedicate time to sitting down for several hours and claying.  There are pieces of my old studio here, pieces of my old studio there, and new studio about 2-3 weeks away from completion.  So what have I been doing?  Well, life has been keeping me very busy, as it tends to…but aside from this, I have been doing something I haven’t done very well in the past…making polymer clay millifiori canes.  But I’ve been doing 1,000 times better this time around.  Want to know what I’m making? Keep reading for a sneak peak at an unreleased Parker StoryBook Scene and a video tutorial.


Fall Leaves Golden Parker StoryBook Scene by KatersAcresI have been experimenting with all different types of polymer clay millifiori canes: leaf canes, flower canes, kaleidoscope canes, and even a butterfly wing cane. Now before you get all excited about my caning prowess, let me first tell you why I haven’t succeeded and as a result done much of it in the past.  TIME!

Time & Patience

Yep, that’s right…TIME.  When I’ve had time, I haven’t had patience.  When I’ve had patience, I haven’t had time.  So, that is quite the conundrum and one that will consistently lead to lousy canes and horrible results.  In saying this, you will laugh, but I knew it would be simply a matter of time before I’d find the time to have a second go around with it!

Small Work Space = Big Accomplishments

But since I have a tile the size of notebook paper to work on and not much else while my house is in disarray from the construction, I thought…let’s give caning a try again.  I value you, my blog readers.  And because of that I’m going to treat you to a little sneak peak at an upcoming Parker scene that I made that uses a few of my new canes.  This Parker uses only a few of the 10 or so new leaf canes that I made.  None of the flower canes, kaleidoscope canes, or other canes are featured in this piece.  This Parker will be released in my Etsy store later this week.

Video Tutorial

In the meantime, Aniko from Mandarin Duck is the new video tutor for PCPolyzine.  Here’s her updated video on the ever popular Mosaic Cane.  This is the next cane that I’m going to conquer and I can’t wait to show off the results of my new cane on an upcoming Parker StoryBook Scene!

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  1. Hi Katie – Pinned this. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Calliope!

  2. Thanks, Katie! We appreciate your support and wish you great success in your cane making.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I will continue to post information as I find it that I think my readers will benefit from as well.

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