Leaf Texture Plate Tutorial

Posted on January 7, 2014 in Tutorials by Katie Oskin

Leaf Texture Plate Tutorial

Polymer Clay Leaf Texture Plate Tutorial by KatersAcres

Here is a simple mini-tutorial on how to make your own polymer clay leaf texture plate.


Leaf Texture Plate Tutorial:

  • How to Make a Leaf Texture Plate from Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcresBlend and condition 1 ounce of scrap clay.
  • Run the clay through the largest setting on your pasta machine.
  • Use a large round cutter and cut 1-2 round circles from your sheet.
  • Using your needle tools make your main “veins” in the clay.
  • Use the largest needle tool to indent the clay along what will be the “main” vein lines.
  • Be spontaneous and add veins wherever you’d like.
  • When all your veins are added, bake your texture plate for 30 minutes at 270 degrees.
  • To use your texture plate:
    • Simply spray with water
    • Add your leaf shape
    • Gently press with your fingers into the texture plate.
    • Fray your leaf edges and bend into shape.
    • One really cool reverse embossed leaf ready to play with!
  • TIPS: If you want you indents to go “inward,” cover your texture plate with corn starch, add an extra hunk of scrap clay and place it over the top, using an acrylic brayer smooth the clay into all the crevices. Gently remove the clay. Now trim the scrap clay and bake it using the same directions above.

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